Mythology as Karma


“What goes around comes around” is a political truth few can deny. But I wonder, when looking at the basis of our historical fantasy and life stories recorded in mythology, if there aren’t really a lot of problems spoken of in the past tense now being seen as influencing us in the present.

Look at the manner Beaurat Obama comports himself and how he interacts with others. He’s so utterly in love with himself the American people can’t find representation at the Olympian heights to which he’s ascended. He’s unreachable and as such untouchable.

Narcissism alludes to the Greek demigod Narcissus. The word is possibly derived from the early Greek Narke meaning "sleep or numbness”. Inmythology, Narcissus was beautiful and exceptionally proud. (Wikipedia 2012)

Nemesis(remember that name) noted this vanity and attracted Narcissus to a pool where Narcissus saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it. He was too self-absorbed to realize it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus died of starvation and exposure.

Narcissism isa fixation with oneself. It describes problems in a person’s relationships with others. "Narcissism" meansegotism, vanity and/or conceit. Applied tosocial groups, it denoteselitist indifference to the plight of others. Psychology describes narcissism as an unhealthyself-absorption.

Obama’s behavior shows where this all comes from: he can’t maintain a productive relationship with Congress. He doesn’t truly empathize with people and their plights. Obama is hypersensitive to criticism. He’s insulted by any suggestion his views aren’t the only way to view any particular subject. He has a haughty demeanor before those he must work with, though he sees it as having dominion over them. He disparages anybody disagreeing with him. He developed a relationship with only certain aspects of American society; used that relationship for his personal advantage and has then dismissed those believing in him the most. He cares only for the immediate, self- gratifying proclamation of the goal without caring for the ultimate consequences of his actions to attain it.

Obama’s always been a braggart; stating plainly he’s the best negotiator, the best orator, and he’s among the top five presidents of all time. He really believes these things and shows scorns anybody not in agreement. When he has trouble gaining support for his faulty policies, he proclaims it’s because people can’t work with him personally. They must get past their prejudices. It could never be his policies are seen as counter-productive to the American ethic and dream: it has to be because he isn’t appreciated enough for his majesty. He has absolutely NO ability to see the world from any viewpoint other than his own.

Now, we’re in a period of national fiscal jeopardy. The continual allusion to a “Fiscal Cliff” has been made so many times it makes us nauseous. Obama has an antagonist he’s not ready to admit defeat to at any time soon. That antagonist is the American people and the Tea Parties in particular. They’re rejecting the blind obedience demanded by Obama.

The American people are Nemesis to Obama’s Narcissus. Nemesis was the goddess and spirit of divine retribution against those succumbing tohubris; their overarching pridefulness or supreme arrogance before the gods. The word Nemesis comes from the Greek root –némeinas its meaning is: “to give what is due”. Hubris indicates a loss of contact with reality; an overestimation of one's own competence or capabilities, as when the person’s in a position of power and forgets how he was allowed to get there. Nemesissuggests the sense of justice which could not allow hubris to pass unpunished. For the Yin of hubris Nemesis demands the Yan of justice. All things must balance in physics. Equal reaction must match each action.

Where Narcissus was drawn to the waters and the loveliness of the image he saw; it destroyed him. So, now Congress as Nemesis draws this modern Narcissus (Obama) to the cliff where he’ll meet his end from seeking to force the gods to adore him as much as he.

A wise person once told me: Karma’s a bitch.

Thanks for listening