Redundancy or relevance


I’m having trouble figuring out what to say. The main controversies have been covered by so many people having a greater circulation than I it makes me wonder if I’m a “wee, small voice” trying to clarify an issue or simply a man refusing to recognize his (and others”) redundant, duplicative effort at maintaining relevance.

We’re faced with a daily effort by Obama and Biden to revoke our protections under the Bill of Rights. We have simpletons like Charlie Rangel speaking senile inanities such as “the Constitution? We’re so far beyond that now.” When did we get “beyond” that? The Second Amendment’s only an indicator of the problem.

The Presidency is lusted after by every petty wannabe with a checking account thinking he can buy the damned office. An individual candidate needs no qualifications to accomplish the job. We’ve seen, since the advent of television, all that’s necessary is a photogenic appearance, children that don’t pick their noses in front of the cameras and a retinue of tertiary syphilitic and sycophantic hangers-on singing the praises of the candidate. Look at Obama as an example.

It’s been proven the man is NOT qualified for the position by experience. His educational base is a mystery. He was ineffectual as an Illinois State Senator. He was unimpressive as U.S. Senator. He was, as Joe Biden so adroitly described: "… the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." I guess Biden feels there were NO mainstream African-Americans enjoying those adjectival determinants before Obama. Also please look at the reference to it being “storybook, man”.

We’ve come to understand “Dreams of My Father” © was no more than Obama’s gas passing in the night then cobbled together by a ghost writer. Obama personally said it was s compilation of thoughts. The “Audacity of Hope” © seems more akin to the Mendacity of a Dope as the corpus of the text is no more than the postulated, derivative compilations of thoughts and dreams of a theoretician without credentials. The verbiage is propaganda masquerading as skylarking.

America is sinking in its own septic waste. It once was the Camelot of men’s dreams and was accepted as an example of how people should control their government as a right and not only a privilege. We (Americans) were the people millions of foreigners admired for the fact we controlled our destiny. We controlled the speed we moved toward the promise of tomorrow. We allowed our immigrant brethren to stand beside us, work with us and succeed as we did while exploring the horizons beckoning us to go forward.

Now we’ve got an administration refusing to recognize upward mobility is a quest not a right given by bureaucracy or governmental edict. Success requires effort. It needs the lubrication of a sweating brow and the energy of a worker’s arm powerfully controlling the mechanisms of commerce and industry to move America forward. You must energize the crucible bringing all of us together with more than inflationary scrip burned; showing its worth in the ash and pollution of thought it hangs overhead as we look for those horizons once more.

I remember the unwritten book: My Father’s Dreams. It was a statement of what I could have “if I worked for it”. It was a statement of what I could expect of my success, “if I attained it through my own efforts”. It spoke to my father’s hopes for my happiness but that “it was my responsibility to do good things to assure my happiness was in place”. He said nobody could simply give happiness, or success or the realization of personal ambitions. I’d need to pursue them in my own right, my own time and in my own way. I could have it all if I dreamed freely, worked hard and saved for the future. My happiness could be passed down to my children if I did what was right and taught them the same values.

Like I say, I don’t know if I’m redundant but I strive for relevance.

What do you think?

Thanks for listening