Goodell, NFL robbed us


Right now, the easiest thing to talk about is who’s going to win the Superbowl or which Harbaugh is the better coach? To me none of that matters, I’m still mad at the fact the NFL is rigged and it should be acknowledged and punished for lying, cheating and stealing. Harsh accusations? I know, but I mean it sincerely. If any of you football fans know like I do, you’d understand what I say to be true.

The New Orleans Saints were lied on, stolen from and cheated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his investigators. The Bounty-gate scandal the team was accused of was simply a ploy to keep the Saints out of the Superbowl, which they host. The NFL did whatever it could to keep New Orleans out of contention at making a run to the championship game and being the first team to win the title in its home stadium.

If you would look back at the 2011 season, the Saints won every single game in the Mercedes Benz Superdome during the regular season. The Saints are dominant and the fans are a nightmare for opponents to play in the dome. Had everything been in tack: no scandal, no coach and player suspension, the Saints would have been booked early for the NFC seat in the title game. Not the 49ers. Don’t get me wrong, both the 49ers and the Ravens had helluva seasons and deserve to be where they are, but they must give it up to Goodell for the helping hand over the hill.

The Saints finished the season sub .500 and at the end of all of the drama that ensued the revealing of the scandal, suspensions were overturned for both players and coaches. How convenient that all that happened after the Saints’ season was toileted? Pretty convenient to me.

Playing the entire year without a head coach cost New Orleans a chance at making history in from of its home fans. The city of New Orleans would have erupted with the celebrations of Mardi Gras going on and the Superbowl atmosphere coming into town.

I can tell you the way Goodell saw it. In Goodell’s eyes, the city of New Orleans’ people were already going to spend there money during the Superbowl week, so why not bring in two teams from other parts of the country with large fan bases: San Francisco and Baltimore. East Coast versus West Coast.

Now, you got two teams who will bring tons of fans from each coach of the U.S. Those fans likely have never been to New Orleans and are more than likely haven’t been down during Mardi Gras season. The money this Superbowl will generate will be talked about for years. Both New Orleans and the NFL benefit from the revenue gained, but New Orleans still loses the battle because the Saints were robbed of the 2012 season.

I’ll never forget it, nor forgive it. This bad taste will forever be in my mouth towards Goodell and as the only thing I know to say at times like these when it comes to my team: Who dat? Who dat say then gon beat my Saints?