Let life live


First, I just want to laugh. Ha-ha. Now, seriously I wish congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens on winning Super Bowl XLVII, well deserved. Back to why I had to laugh to open up, two words. Colin Kaepernick. Kapernick is funny to me because he got the “big head” going into the Super Bowl and was swallowed by the hype. Isn’t that like the first thing they teach you in Super Bowl etiquette 101? Apparently he missed the memo. And, I hate to be one of those people who after-the-fact say “I told you so” and I won’t I’ll just say I knew it.

See when Kaepernick first came to New Orleans earlier this season to take on the Saints, I got into a few discussions with some 49er fans and told them I’m not sold on him and I think he has a bit of arrogance that won’t win them a championship. He almost proved me wrong and I almost thought well maybe he has that Kobe Bryant arrogance and it’ll suit him well. As of now, I’m right about the young stud.

I’ll call him a young stud because he did light up the playoffs this year with record performances against quality teams. But it was his off-the-field tactics that the football gods frowned on. We all know when he scores a touchdown, he flexes arm and kisses his bicep. And I’m absolutely okay with that, everybody likes to celebrate. His celebration became an internet sensation and today we know it as “Kaepernicking.” We’ve all seen “Tebowing” and many other gestures that have swept the nation. It’s awesome to have a fan base so strong it names a certain gesture after you, however it is not cool to take the liberty to trademark it for yourself – you weren’t the first to do it.

I remember watching wrestling guys like Scott Steiner also known as Big Poppa Pump would do what is now called “Kaepernicking.” Everyone understood who did it and who is famous for it, we didn’t need to be reminded. So, for Kaepernick to decide to go to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office days after winning the NFC Championship game shows he wanted to be the talk of the Super Bowl. Well, he was. And, because of that greed he also broke another record. He became the first San Francisco 49er quarterback to lose the Super Bowl. How you like those apples Mr. Kaepernick?

That just goes to show you how wanting to be “that guy” so bad can make you become that guy who was the first 49er quarterback to lose the Super Bowl, which is something I’m pretty sure he did not have in mind while he was standing in line at the patent office. My word to all is to just let life live. We should stay humble, be respectful and just enjoy life for what it is. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill and no need to undermine the gifts God has given us either.