U.S. needs to wake up before it’s too late


Imagine turning the TV on and seeing New York City under attack, again. Except this time it’s not planes into buildings, rather missiles. How would you respond?

Well, last week I saw that very thing happen in a video posted on the Internet that is from North Korea’s official website, which distributes news and propaganda from the state media, according to sources.

The video was shot as a dream sequence, featuring a Korean man seeing himself on board a North Korean space shuttle launched into orbit by the same type of rocket called “Pyongyang,” which was already successfully tested in December.

As this shuttle circled the globe, the video zoomed in on the countries below, including Korea who is standing together as a nation celebrating. Then the footage showed a city concealed by the United States flag that is under apparent missile attack with its skyscrapers, including what appeared to be the Empire State Building, either on fire or in ruins.

Is that a statement or what?

As of Tuesday, North Korea confirmed it is has carried out a third nuclear test, which was condemned by western leaders and defied United Nation orders for the country to stop building atomic weapons. The test, which took place in the Northeast of the country, could bring North Korea a step closer to developing a nuclear warhead.

My question is if the action has already been condemned around the world, why has no one has taken serious action in trying to prevent North Korea from continuing its development?

U.S. President Barack Obama has to take a stand and put to action a way to discontinue the clear threats to our country first of all. There is no more peace and war is inevitable in my book because if you aren’t proactive, the reaction will become too overbearing. Why wait to see if they are going to fire missiles our way? It’s clear what their dream is -reunite Korea and attack the U.S.

In a statement released after the third nuclear testing confirmation, Obama promised to “continue to take steps necessary to defend ourselves and our allies.” He also urged “swift and credible action by the international community.” Obama said such efforts “do not make North Korea more secure.”

It may not make them more “secure” Mr. President, but it sure makes them stronger, having a nuclear weapon.

I support and respect Obama’s decisions, but right now he needs to address the situation more directly and take action. He’s our leader and he must lead the way that best suites us, the people. Being laid back and cool is not the approach to take right now because God forbid missiles start flying our way, he’ll regret it dearly.