Donaldsonville stop hatin’



For the past two years or so now I wear a bracelet that reads “I love haters.” My little brother gave it to me and I haven’t taken it off since that day, not even for a single moment. I keep it on because when times get tough and I feel the world is cold, I can be reminded to love all and especially those who oppose. They are the ones who help motivate and push me to achieve a higher status. So what I say to the city of Donaldsonville as it develops in the upcoming years, there will be na-sayers and opposers in your blessings. Many of which will come from your very own people. Regardless, don’t stop your progression and give up at your goals – to make this city alive again.

When I came here in October, like most who visit Donaldsonville for the first time, I was wowed with the potential the city has and even more impressed with the mindset of its leaders. You can say what you want about the elected officials and volunteer departments for Donaldsonville, but the way I see it is they are working to better the city for the city. Sure they credit may be all in one or two people’s name, but that’s not what is important. The importance is the benefit of the people and laying a sustainable foundation for the future.

You think I’m blowing smoke? Here’s the best and most perfect example from right here in Donaldsonville: The Ascension of Our Lord Church. Last week I went on a tour of the church for the first time and the history behind it is astounding. The faith of the people was so strong that they built the church in Donaldsonville, which then was much of nothing. They built the church in faith, and it still stands today.

Nowadays the same type of developments can be seen, but the faith of the people is so weak that nothing holds up. It takes a full commitment from the community to keep a church a live from the late 1700s. It takes the same commitment to develop the rest of the community. When stores like Dollar General come up, appreciate it. It may not be what you want, but like councilman Reginald Francis said “It’s something new.”

It’s development like those that spawn other things to come to town such as an IHOP, or other business. For any business owner to invest somewhere he or she has to know the community will support it. Nobody wants to lose, but you can’t be afraid to accept change and have the faith that the decisions are made for the best.

Stop downing development. Without it Donaldsonville will be driven down the drain and if you think things are bad now you should check out some of these other towns who’s leaders are stealing money from the community and other corrupt things. Stop hatin’ and appreciate the direction Donaldsonville wants to go. It takes time to get everything, but as the famous saying goes, “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can never please all the people all the time.”

I’m going to keep my bracelet on and maybe the city of Donaldsonville needs to invest in one as well, but to those of you hatin’ on progression; stop it, appreciate and soon you’ll congratulate.