How bout a round of applause


Showing honor and giving credit to those who earn it has always been something I’ve never shied away from. Having said that, I give a round of applause to the Ascension Parish Schools and especially Donaldsonville High on achieving their academic successes.

DHS has been climbing for the past four years to improve its academics and it looks like I came to Donaldsonville just in time to see it blossoming. First with the academic performance growth score that jumped from an F to a B and the school is still being rewarded for its hard work and willingness to achieve. I commend the teachers as does the administration because the teachers are the ones who face the students everyday and know them best. I agree with Patrice Pujol, Dr. Esrom Pitre and others who credit the success to the teachers and say the achievements would not have been possible without them.

The TAP system is merely an instrument, but if you aren’t using it correctly then it could easily serve no purpose. The teachers learned the system and manipulated it to where it best suites their teaching habits and best suites the students learning ability. The system can’t identify student weaknesses, only a teacher can.

The community should be proud to know its public school ranks among the best in the nation and serves as a model, which hosts other schools. It shows DHS is a great school to be and from the looks of it there is no turning back. Social Studies teacher Steve Matassa said it best that “Victory is fleeting,” and knowing that the school continues its urgency to do well.

The success should only propel the administration, faculty and students to work harder to remain amongst the best in the country, especially knowing now it is possible.

Having a great school in the community does a lot for the reputation of the city. With the city developing through the industrial boom that is happening before our eyes, education is important. For one it shows those who are moving into the city their children can get a quality education. Secondly, it produces productive citizens who will give back to their hometowns when they are in the workforce. With just those two, Donaldsonville will benefit greatly and its historic district can remain alive and might even get improved.

You can complain about a lot of things wrong in Donaldsonville, but you can’t complain about the education the children are getting or the direction the city is striving for. Be patient as the school board was in implementing the TAP system, the reward is greater than you could imagine. Again congratulations to the Ascension Parish Schools and Donaldsonville High on the success. But remember, victory is fleeting.