Jindal keeping the “just” in justice


Governor Bobby Jindal announced Monday that he is getting rid of his plan to eliminate Louisiana’s state’s income tax, a move I think shows respect of his constituents who openly disagreed with his idea.

I didn’t agree with Jindal’s plan and I’ve often thought some of his moves didn’t benefit my family or myself. So typically, you would begin to have ill feelings toward a person you disagree with so much, however I have gained a higher level of respect for the governor because of his decision. His realization, understanding and humility to rid of a plan shows he has concern and a vested interest in the betterment of the Louisiana people as a whole.

Jindal was quoted saying, “Now, to be clear, I still like my plan, but I recognize that success requires give and take. And I recognize that in this instance I need to be the one who gives so that we can have the chance to achieve success.”

There are very few leaders today who are able to say what Jindal said. Especially after the heat Jindal took from the church on his tax plans. Maybe it was an act of God that came over Jindal. Maybe God spoke to him and said, slow down Bobby there are other ways and better ways to seek production and revenue. Whatever it was, I’m proud and glad Jindal had the guts to accept it and put the controversial topic aside.

According to the sources who attended the first day of the legislative session, Jindal admitted that, “It has been said about me that I tend to talk too fast and move too fast,” he said. "Some of you have very politely made that observation to me, and a few of you have made that observation not so politely. I’ve thought about that and you are correct. I tend to charge ahead with speed. I am impatient with standing still. I am a relentless and impatient reformer. I, of course, see that as a good thing. But not everyone agrees and I accept that critique.”

Now with the governor accepting his critique, we must also still encourage him to not rest on his laurels and find different avenues to get where we want. Sometimes when you critique a person they become complacent and less apt to make a move in fear of more criticism. That’s not what we want either governor. Keep at it. Find innovative ways to make Louisiana the best state to work and make money as you wish to see it. I applaud you for that. Your persistence is what is respected.

Times are changing, Jindal with his humbling down and last week it was announced that President Barack Obama will be returning five percent of his salary to the Treasury in solidarity with federal workers who are going to be furloughed as part of the automatic budget cuts known as the sequester, an administration official said last Wednesday, according to the New York Times. Another humbling move by a leader.

Maybe our leaders are starting to understand the people’s struggles. Whatever the case may be let’s see more of it and let’s stand united in moving our country forward.