Bonnie and Clyde’s bank robbing money droppin’ into D’ville’s pockets


The infamous duo of Bonnie and Clyde are known for taking more than giving, but here in Donaldsonville the couple has brought a boost to the economy for those who haven’t noticed.

Since the two arrived in town, they brought at least an extra hundred people who love to eat, buy gas and shop, something the City of Donaldsonville greatly benefits from.

It’s ironic that Bonnie and Clyde’s real run was in during the Great Depression, the worse economic downfall the United States faced, and here they are again in another economic decline in Donaldsonville. The difference is while during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s the duo was doing everything but saving the country from losing money, to now doing all the right things to bring money to the much-in-need historic city.

They came right at time where business owners were getting antsy and looking for ways to get customers at their dining tables and shopping their boutiques. The bed and breakfast inns were hoping for a consistent stay and thanks to the “Barrow Gang” we all are benefiting, so be it that we are getting perks from a crime flick.

The city is getting direct benefit even in its rental of the Lemaan Center to the Sony Pictures Production Company, who are producing the miniseries. Outside of financial aid, the couple also helped preserve our historic district. They’ve brought crews in to renovate many of the antiquated, some might even say dilapidated, buildings such as the First National Bank, or the old jail behind the courthouse. The renovations add a couple more years to those buildings stand ability and they both are valuable pieces in the town’s history and the town’s appearance.

Donaldsonville is one of the oldest historic towns still standing in Louisiana and thanks to Bonnie and Clyde invading the streets of Railroad Avenue, it will get more attention and draw others to take interest in helping preserve it.

So, I don’t mind having these old crooks in town, the only thing they’ve stolen from me is my parking spot in front of my office. Other than that, they’ve only helped us all by dropping a few nickels here and there.