Together Everyone Achieves More


One is the loneliest number and alone there is only so much it can do. If you give him a helping hand then his efforts can double and that’s when the best work will be done. Working together is important in life and after last week’s meetings with Sheriff Jeff Wiley and staff from the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office it can’t be stressed enough.

The Sheriff and I met to discuss the School Security Officer program, an effort we both reached out to each other to let the public know we are here to protect and serve it the best way we can. We’ve learned we can only do that most effectively, together.

When the Sheriff and the school board first announced the new security plan in schools, I openly opposed it saying it took away a very important element from the students, a mentor.

In my talks with the APSO, they feel its job is to first protect and I agree with that and I respect it for sticking to its original purpose, to protect and serve. Sheriff Wiley understood my points in opposing as well and appreciates that I brought to his attention some of us may have concerns with losing the relationships the School Resource Officer was able to gain by his presence and familiarity on the schools.

Through our talks, we broke down into the nitty gritty of the plan and wanted to put it together so that it could be understood by those who are concerned with it and reaffirm to those who are already cognizant of it, what exactly it means. That’s what we did. We came together as one to serve the public the best we could and in this issue, you will get the full cusp of what the new security plans is all about.

Without the cooperation of an understanding Sheriff, many would still be confused on what exactly is going on other than there are no more resource officers in the schools. The exchange is valid and understandable, especially in times of today where people are being shot at a Mother’s Day parades. The value the Sheriff and his department hold in protecting this parish is important, and they do not take it lightly – thus leading to the security increase.

As a team, the APSO and I have been able to achieve more in helping you all know what to expect at our schools and also achieve more in building relationships with one another that will keep our trust solid. As separate entities we were only as effective as our hearts could push, but together we’ve been able to show more how we feel about this community and the seriousness we take in serving it best.