Memorializing Monday


A hero can be defined as a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities, however in today’s times that term gets watered down daily. In the past we looked at figures like the Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, Jr., and war veterans who’ve served our country as our heroes.

Nowadays in times of hard ache and pain, we wish for professional athletes to see us away on our dying bed to comfort us and that is fine and dandy, except for the fact when it comes to holidays like Memorial Day when we forget why the banks and post offices are closed observing the national holiday.

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service, and is celebrated the last Monday in May. It’s for our real heroes. The ones who shed blood, sweat and tears for our well-being, freedom and safety.

You notice there isn’t a Muhammad Ali day, or a Michael Jordan day that we shut down the office for, yet those figures are much more respected, remembered and represented as heroes than our troops who have served, and are currently serving our nation. Yes, I agree the professional athletes do a lot for us other than entertain us on the playing fields; they donate to charities and other good causes.

A prime example this week was when Oklahoma City Thunder’s all-star basketball player Kevin Durant pledged $1 million to the tornado relief after Monday’s tornado devastation that took the lives of over 20 and caused millions of damage to the Oklahoma City area. Durant did a great deed and deserves to be respected for that, but we still can’t overlook him as one who puts his or her life on the line in protecting us. To me life is valued a much higher price than a million dollars.

On Monday, take a moment of your time to really pay heed to why we are able to fire up the barbecue pits and sip down a few cold ones. It’s not just because the post office man needs a break, or the banker took ill. It’s because men and women have put their lives on the line to maintain the freedoms we enjoy in celebrating the day.

Memorial Day is the time to remember, reflect, and represent proudly those who have served our nation. It’s a day that shouldn’t go forgotten as the name confidently boasts. Pay tribute for this Memorial Day.