Work not in vein


Last week Ascension Parish suffered two tragedies on back-to-back days that made Father’s Day weekend a lot more emotional than usual. Three men died and dozens more were injured in the plant incidents in Geismar and Donaldsonville, but through all the turmoil and the gathering of information to determine the causes we should not forget their heroism.

Everyday we drive by these plants in our parish and in our city and we see hundreds of cars parked outside and see tons of smoke stemming from the tops of pipes, never realizing how important the men who work the machines are to our economy and society. We also never realize the danger they are in.

A lot of times these men work long labor-intense and mentally intense hours to keep themselves safe and also us safe who live nearby. It’s easy to look at the money they make and say what we choose, but suiting up everyday knowing there is a chance for an accident - much like what happened last week – let’s you know it isn’t all about the benjamins.

While we remember the ones who were directly affected in the two incidents, we need to remember most importantly that their work was not and is not in vein.