We are the Sportsman’s Paradise


The nation-wide gun debate has been more heated than past times in part because of last year’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting where over 20 innocent lives were taken. Understanding the facts from that situation, the way I see it is of course there will be some against the new laws and some who support them, the main thing is to do what is best for the people - in our case the people of Louisiana.

We are the Sportsman’s Paradise and our laws shouldn’t have to be like the laws in California or Maine, or based off of any other state’s laws. We have our own identity and we treat guns and the use of them far differently than most.

Governor Bobby Jindal signed six bills into law that improves gun safety in the state and also protects law-abiding citizen’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Jindal said, “We’re not just signing a few bills – we’re also celebrating the Sportsman’s Paradise and American Values.”

Jindal has seen his approval ratings roller coaster of the past year or so, but here I think he did what Louisiana wanted and needed to keep its identity.

In Louisiana, we’re known as the “Swamp People” and the “Duck Dynasty” people who have guns and hunt.

In the governor’s bill signings, he did increase gun presence for police officers in the HB 6 bill authored by Representative John Schroeder. That bill will improve school safety and help protect kids by allowing off-duty law enforcement officers to carry firearms on school property, at school sponsored functions and in firearm-free zones. With that I believe in case of mass shootings, the shooter will never know who’s an officer and who is carrying a defense mechanism.

The last legislative session took in a lot of information regarding the gun debate, but from I see I believe our lawmakers did their best in seeking to keep Louisiana’s identity as well as protecting against mass shootings. Safety is very important and you can’t stress it enough, but WE MUST KEEP THE SPORTSMAN’S PARADISE ALIVE!