Inconsistency in the courts


The biggest case of the year just wrapped up Saturday with a verdict ruling that stirred a lot of emotions across the country. In the George Zimmerman trial concerning the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin last year, a jury comprised of six women laid the verdict of not guilty of second degree murder and not guilty of manslaughter.

Of all the emotions being noted in the news from athletes, entertainers and many others the one I have is of confusion. I’m confused as to what our courts and our nation is defining as justice. It seems the scales of justice are being unbalanced. One could argue it showed most in the Michael Vick case when he was sentenced to two years of jail for dog fighting. However I’m going back farther than that when so many times our court systems failed during times of the civil rights and other active movements where our country fought to overturn a decision.

I can not argue the decision the jury made in the case because I was not there in the courtroom, I did not have access to the information it had and I can only speculate as to what happened the night of the altercation between Zimmerman and Martin, because I wasn’t there either.

For the Zimmerman case, the National Association for the Advancement of Color People (NAACP) is looking to move the case into the hands of the Department of Justice (DOJ). If the DOJ takes the case then what does that say about our court system? Does it show flaw?

Flaw is shown in the courts when a man can be convicted for killing dogs, but there are ways a man can walk away innocent of killing a man. Out of all the opinions that have been thrown out there over the past week, all I can say is be careful when walking home at night, and you should always listen to the police authority –especially if you call them for help.

The next big case looks to be the former New Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who was also charged with murder and other things are being added to his charge list as time goes forward. However to the Hernandez family, fret not because in America the scales of justice aren’t always balanced. And when you think it’s a no-brainer, be alarmed because we live in a country who always root for the underdog.