Cheating is not competing


It seems everyday you turn the TV on there is another professional athlete's name being ran across the ticker saying they've tested positive for some type of performance enhancing drug or banned substance. And the worst part is that it happens in every sport, you can't just say baseball is dirty, or football, because they are doing in boxing, track and field and soon before long they'll be positive results coming out of the NBA. What these ultra competitive athletes forget is that cheating to win and be the best is not competing at the highest level.

When I look deeper into the problem, I often think you can't blame them. Put yourself in their shoes. Day in and out, you are expected to be the absolute best by thousands of fans. Whether you're on the championship team or the MVP of the league, you share the same pressure of being criticized and praised for what you do on the field and often times off of it as well. And like me, these athletes are the ultimate competitors – want to win by any means necessary. Luckily for me, I'm on a playing field where drugs can't help the competitor or myself perform better. But for those who are in a field where a physical edge can add a couple of extra bucks in the pocket, why not do all you can to achieve. Everybody wants to be the best. Right? Wrong.

No matter how competitive the athletes claim they are in justifying why they used a performance enhancer, I don't believe it. I was always taught that cheating is not competing. When they take those drugs, they are instantly taken away from that level of competing. They are no longer part of the playing field. And as the punishments they receive go to show, they are literally taken away with indefinite suspensions and so on - all things that take them away from the playing field.

Competing is sacrificing your mind and body for the good of the sport or good of the means. I guess they are sacrificing themselves with the drugs, being they could die or other health problems could stem from taking them. But any man can experience that type of sacrifice. We could all take PEDs and be pro-athletes if we wish, but we don't. Why? Because we know that cheating is not competing.