Taking back what’s ours


Since March of this year there have been 186 total arrests for crimes against persons in Donaldsonville, 26 of those have been arrests of illegal weapons, according to Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley – statistics that are unbelievable for a city that has a population less than 8,000.

It calls for is action, and last week, Wiley and his office announced that they would be and are doing “more” to knock down those numbers and help maintain the identity that Donaldsonville is still a good community to live in. Because certainly it is, but it takes us people to stand up against the violence as well.

I’ve been here in Donaldsonville for less than a year, and in that time I’ve come more acclimated to calling this place home. So, everything I’m saying here is for me as well.

The APSO can’t do it on its own, it needs us to be the look out, the ears to help report, identify and rid the city of the persons who are causing the trouble. We can’t and shouldn’t be afraid to speak out because this is our city and most importantly we deserve the right to walk the avenue with a peace of mind, or go to the gas station, or to Wal-mart knowing we are safe in doing so.

These crimes against persons have already been decreasing, according to the APSO. However we have to make sure it continues decreasing because Donaldsonville is on the up-climb in improvements: our roads are being fixed, we have a new fire station soon to be built, we have several other projects that are coming to our city and we deserve them all. But, we cannot allow for those developments and developers to second-guess what our city is about because of crime increase.

This history and tradition of community closeness in Donaldsonville must prove to stand stronger now than ever. Let’s show these criminals how we roll and push them either out of our city or behind bars, because our safety and lives are not to be toyed with. We deserve our city and we will keep our city.