Well done Donaldsonville


As the summer winds down, the school year needs and the sports season back up here in Donaldsonville I want to take a moment to salute the leaders of Donaldsonville.

The summer months can drag by in small cities. Often there isn’t much to do, families are in and out of town for vacation while the city just rests too, with the students.

This summer has been different, especially the past few weeks. You all may not realize it but there has been something positive going on here every month and almost twice a month. In June there was the Juneteenth celebration, and then came July with the fireworks display, Gospel Fest, Bright Futures’ production, Faith Fest, Teen Summit, Crescent Park Fun Run, Sign Language Ensemble and to end the month with the Mega Sports Camp. That’s impressive and I commend all efforts and supporters.

It’s times like these that we are able to reach our kids in a positive manner while their minds are idle. Last summer, Donaldsonville didn’t have nearly as much positive community interaction and we paid for it with the shooting in back of town. However, this year you guys have inspired, entertained and loved the youth. You’ve given them hope in themselves and in their city by simply giving them something to do. Far too often I’ve heard, “Donaldsonville ain’t got nothing to do.” No longer can that be said, at least for this summer.

With Bright Futures bringing highlighting the young performing artists this city has, and the Teen Summit proving that kids can behave in a proper setting, and digest positive information. When Ascension Parish Jail inmate Brian Howard spoke in front of nearly 500 people at the Lemann Center last week, the youth were in absolute silence and being attentive.

The youth here are talented and have a lot to offer the city, the parish and the world. And the past few weeks, you leaders have done a great job tapping into their greatness.

Now is the time to make each of these events tradition here in Donaldsonville. Take some time to digest what went on this summer, and start planning to duplicate and improve it for next year and year’s to come. The race isn’t over, it is only beginning. Continue working together to bring the city together, it’s working. Each event is seeing great numbers, and at the end of it all if only one of our youth is saved then the mission is accomplished. Well done Donaldsonville, well done.