Minister Marienetta Williams

School bells are ringing as our children seek to embrace another year of learning and excelling in excellence. Parents are meeting those last minute shopping needs, making sure their children have all the necessary items on the list. While principals, office staff, teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, janitors and everyone else involved in enriching and enhancing children’s education are resuming their positions as well.

This used to be such an exciting time and what pleasure it was for all to work on one accord for the common needs of our children. Thank God for parents and children because without them there would be no need for schools.  

There has certainly been a breakdown in communication between our leaders and the school board that’s causing such a stir in the atmosphere, creating anger and frustration. The only relief we can find is to know that “GOD IS A MIRACLE WORKER.” 

The main focal points are; nourishment of our children’s spirit, soul and body, having one common goal without selfish motives, and successfully educating children with the assurance, everything possible has been done to create a safe environment. This mindset is foolproof in producing wise and productive individuals in a perverse and corrupted society. Working collectively will provide a powerful force to destroy the works of the enemy and break every barrier he sets.

 Each community has the responsible of raising the standards for a generation being exposed to so much negativity.     

Man is doing a good job of creating a mess but God is our only source of reconciliation to fix whatever been broken or tampered with.

I don’t know about you, but I believe, “GOD IS A MIRACLE WORKER,”   and everything our children are facing today will take a miracle to overcome. Pray for a Miracle, this is a time of great turmoil, confusion is raging on every side, but there is encouragement to know, GOD is still in control.

“GOD IS A MIRACLE WORKER,” the more you speak it in the atmosphere, the greater His promises are manifested. John Chapter 2 declares, Jesus performed His first Miracle. He is the same God of yesterday, today and forevermore. When you believe in God’s Miracles, He is willing to perform them in your life as a testimony of His GREATNESS and SUPREME POWER.

Prayer is the key for every situation in this world today. Knowing the SCRIPTURES, encompassed with Holy Living and Faith in Jesus Holy Name, it shall come to pass.