Letter from the Editor: When will the violence stop?

Allison B. Hudson

With violence consuming our television screens and taking over our newspapers and common conversation, I can’t help but think of solutions. Most of the violence we see is within our younger generation. Yes, violence has been going on for decades, but now it just seems that it is at an all time high.

On a daily basis, I can’t help but get frustrated hearing stories about people getting shot, stabbed, or brutally beaten to death. What has happened, when violence seems to be the answer?

It is time to take a stand, and as a community come together and find ways to stop the violence. We cannot leave it up to the Sheriff’s Department when we as community leaders, residents, and friends can come together for preventative measures against violence.

It seems our young generation is resulting straight to gun violence the most. We can educate our youth on what really matters, and stress the importance of consequences for mindless acts and at least minimizing leaving family members and friends to mourn loved ones for senseless acts of violence.

Today, the media glorifies violence in movies and television shows, but we have to realize it is just TELEVISION. We can no longer confuse television for reality.

Lets all come together and begin replacing hate with love! Life is too short to not live life to the fullest, free from hate and anger.

Let’s start living,