So; what's next geniuses?


I'm fed up and tired of watching allegedly intelligent people self-destruct because they have a need to appear unbiased. Everybody is biased. Everybody has prejudices. From that ideologue in the White House to the dumbest voter-droids following the commands of the party controls their every action and thought given them; they're biased concerning something.

Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Iowa have elected a completely puddy-whipped (sic) mama's boy incompetent as an act of apology for slavery being an economic mainstay two hundred years ago. That's the only reason I can see for them to accept and expect a man with no known history of success in politics to hold the highest elected office in the land.

Thank you very much. But some of us never owned slaves. Some of us have no sense of "white guilt" for the wrongs of past generations. That was then; this is NOW!

But all of us still suffer a Marxist with an attitude towards Israel and an overpowering drive to be buddies with former KGB Agent Vladimir Poontang. Obama's assured a place in history as being the only president to accomplish less good in American government than William Henry Harrison. Harrison only polluted the White House for 31 days. Obama gets free lodging for NO performance for a total of eight years.

These are the consequences of what you've done as we spoke of them recently: a stagnated, bloated, diseased and self-serving government with NO indications of healing.

Pennsylvanians don't understand (yet) those coal industry jobs will probably never come back. New Oil and Natural Gas reserves won't develop either. And for those got their panties twisted concerning Romney saying GM should have gone into bankruptcy; it would have meant after reorganization, only the top tier "bail-out babies" would have taken it in the throat. They'd have NOT gotten the millions in bonuses for being incompetent. Obama did NOTHING to stop that rip-off. The unions' leadership fattened. Average union members still sucks hind teat on a dry sow. Pennsylvania's unemployment rate's been sitting near 8.2% percent for ages.

And under Obama, it's not going to change.

I can speak this way because I'm a Yankee escapee. I clearly saw the Democratic Party bend workers over and ram it home in the 1960s in New England. I left and never looked back. I hate seeing people going unemployed and under-employed because they bloc vote like the dummies they are. Closed shops forced people to fatten union coffers while people who weren't connected to the incumbent buddy humper systems didn't get the cards necessary to gain employment. The biggest employer in Rhode Island (where I was born) was the United States Navy. The military bases closed and the jobs evaporated. The unemployment rate is 10.2% in Rhode Island. Doesn't government protect and serve well?

So; what's next geniuses? Do you really believe this deadlocked Congress and this deadhead president you re-elected are going to get anything accomplished after developing the track record of sullen stagnation they so rightly deserve? If you believe they have anymore loyalty to you than they've shown so far you're dumber than the bricks you keep pounding while looking for non-existent jobs.

You've all sacrificed the single most important document ever written to protect a deserving and good people: the Constitution of the United States. You've become Progressive (that's code for greedy) looking for more without the need to replace what you take. You want everything the government will afford you but feel no need to personally re-supply the goods you expect and accept. These aren't entitlements you gain; they're thefts you commit with impunity allowed by Charles Dickens-like Fagins such as Obama, Reid and Pelosi. They use you like Artful Dodgers and throw you away just as handily. Your usefulness is recognizable only when you vote next.

Until then, get used to that dry, hind teat. It's the only nourishment you'll get from the Democratic Party. You've done their dirt; you've served their purposes. They don't need you for much more than you've already done.

They're still in power and you're still on the dole. Good luck; you'll need it.

Thanks for listening