Diane “The Incisor” (because she’s so long in the senate) Feinstein and Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer are calling for more gun control. Michael “The Cola Killer” Bloomberg knows exactly what’s necessary to quell violence in America. Let’s admit once and for all these devotees of government control and subjugation to the will of the Duma (worthless Tsarist Russian Parliament) have had so much success in their districts and cities. (Gag!)

The Schmuck and The Cola Killer represent the State and City of New York. Crime rates are so much lower there than anywhere else in the world. (Yeah! Right!)The have restrictive gun possession and purchase laws assuring the average citizen need never fear assault. Diane Feinstein represents the San Francisco area. This is the land of the cloistered liberal and all things broad-minded, free-thinking and as laissez-faire a people as you can get. (Again with the irony!) I lived there years ago; it ain’t a picnic to survive there.

Feinstein failed to get any answers to Benghazi-gate so now she’s scuttled across the Senate floor to announce she wants a ban on “assault” weapons: again. Schumer is the mutt traveling behind her because she’s emitting the heady musk of Senatorial menstrual attraction he can take advantage of if she’ll just slow down long enough to climb aboard. The guy never had an original idea in his life. Michael Bloomberg is the mayor most responsible for assuring good health and fewer cavities by banning soft drinks of greater capacity than 16 ounces. He saved his constituents from The Big Gulp.

Don’t you feel safer for that ban? I did; at least until I figured out I could by 2 (two) and still drink 32 surreptitious ounces. Oh GOD! I could be a felon in New York City. But, gun-related homicides in New York are among the most voluminous statistics reported annually. So much for gun-bans Mickey.

These people want to move up the vermin chain of command to that of flea, mouse, rat and Blow-fly (fecal scavengers). They don’t appear until there’s a chance they can suppress the American citizen’s right to protect him or herself from people such as they: despotic, self-centered and self-serving parasites.

Yesterday’s column explained our cowardice for our needing the Grande Nanny to keep us from harm. There’s a major problem with the vermin’s thought process: the protection government successfully provides is zip, zilch, nada, nothing; none. Did the government prevent the jets from hitting the Twin Towers? Did the government stop Columbine? Does the government, with all the money shoveled manure-like onto the Department of Homeland Security really control violence in America? Did the police in Newtown prevent this tragedy? Did government serve any purpose other than get in the way of parents protecting their children? Does the government prevent homicides by knife, bludgeon and/or motor vehicle?


It doesn’t do anything. It just makes the authors of worthless laws and restrictive, punitive edicts (offered against those NOT committing crimes of violence) appear as though they care about us. But, they only want to appear to do something to stay in power.

People (during the search for answers concerning Newtown) have massaged the broken heart of a stunned nation. They lay on the unguent they expect to sooth the terrified parents of those children not having been killed. They slather on the anesthetizing balm of understanding and their personal thought processes that’ll serve no good and transform no pain. It’s a lie much of the time.

It’s a platitude, an inane attempt at emotional support to cluck one’s tongue and say: “I know how you feel. I know it’s tough going on, but we must.” It’s insincere, cliché and trite to allege understanding, and you’ll “make it all better” with cure-all legislation you claim will protect others in the future.

As a man who’s buried a child after her life was ended by an unrighteous and criminal act I can tell you we don’t need MORE laws. We need to rigorously enforce the laws already in place.

Blow flies like Feinstein, Schumer and Bloomberg need to do lunch.

Thanks for listening