Let’s NOT forget


Memorial Day in Donaldsonville is not quite what it should be - the young paying tribute for what those before them did – but it is better than many places. Last Friday the Donaldsonville High School Air Force JROTC walked the cemeteries placing flags on veterans' graves, and later served food to those who served our country in combat. We can’t forget Memorial Day is a day of paying tribute, showing respect and serving those who have served us.

With DHS’ students doing their part, Ascension Catholic students also joined in. Although with the two schools combined, the younger generation still had a lack in numbers but it’s a growing trend.

Memorial Day is a significant holiday, and our youth should be more exposed to it and its real meaning. After going to the Memorial Day program last week it was clear that many of the older generations understand what the holiday is about, but far too many youth don’t. Jason Verdigets, Felony Prosecutor with the 23rd Judicial Attorney’s Office, brought his 10-year-old son out to the program and said it was to help teach him what Memorial Day is about. It’s not just the first holiday of the summer; it’s a day we should celebrate in remembering and thanking those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. These men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, so I can write freely and speak freely what I feel. Men and women gave their lives to help you maintain the right to believe in whatever it is you do.

Without the countless men and women shedding blood for this nation, a nation we all believe in, we would not be here as we are today. I heard the Ascension Veteran’s Association Chairman Tanya Whitney challenge the listeners at the Donaldsonville program to hold a loved one, a friend, a neighbor, and a co-worker accountable for what the true meaning is behind this holiday. It’s not just a fire-up-the-pit day. It’s not just a party day. It’s Memorial Day. Whitney admitted herself, being a U.S. Army veteran, saying she did not always take the holiday as serious as she should have. But now after losing a few close friends, she doesn’t take it for granted.

I’d hate to fall guilty to the same thing Whitney did in not taking Memorial Day as serious as it should be. It’s a day for us to thank those who gave their lives so we could enjoy ours. We get this day to reflect, pay tribute and honor them for doing so. But are we actually doing our part in remembering? Please guys, Let’s NOT forget!