A Clean Sweep

Louis "Boo" LeBlanc

As you probably know, on the weekend of June 14-15, the Juneteenth Celebration was held in Donaldsonville at Louisiana Square.

On that Saturday morning trip to the post office, I noticed several well-equipped people with sticks and sacks picking up trash. The area was spotless, so I asked who they were and commended them on a job well done. They replied that they were faith-based volunteers from a local church.

That evening about 8:15, when the festival was in full swing, we rode past Louisiana Square. The area was immaculate. That is not the usual case when many people gather on a public square of a celebration.

The next morning about 8 a.m., I rode down Railroad Avenue and not a speck of trash could be seen, except in proper containers. Upon inquiry, I was led to Tammy Dale who is a board member of the Downtown Development District. She is in charge of keeping the district clean.

Tammy organized the conglomerate of churches, businesses and the city itself, in an effort to keep our city clean. She and all who had any part in this activity are to be applauded for this accomplishment.

What is also noteworthy, Tammy says, is that a clean environment is contagious.

Obviously those who worked in the many concession booths were challenged by those volunteers and followed their lead in their individual area.

Thanks for your refreshing observation.

Louis "Boo" LeBlanc