Letter from the Editor: Importance of Voting

Allison B. Hudson

We here it all the time, registering to vote is important, but some rarely take the time to actually register and go out and vote.

Voting is a critical and simple process. It is not only important to vote in presidential elections but on a local level, sometimes one vote can make a difference. Your vote can be the deciding factor for change, but only if you exercise your right to vote.

If you haven’t taken part in an election in the past two years or so, you may need to re-register, and here is how to do it:

Voter registration forms are available at almost all public buildings, post offices, and various schools.

Since most of us are tech-savvy, there are numerous websites to register to vote and it literally takes five minutes, all you need is your driver’s license number and basic information like your name and address.

Here are a few websites to register to vote: http://www.rockthevote.com/, http://www.longdistancevoter.org/register-to-vote, http://www.presidentialelection.com/register_to_vote/louisiana.htm.

So take five minutes out of your busy day and register if you haven’t already, and pass this information along to others, because after all our ancestors did not fight for the right to vote, as well as women voters, for us not to exercise our right to vote!

So rock the vote! If encourage each of you to do so, if you need help, stop by my office and I will personally help you register!