Respect isn't given, it's earned

DeRon Talley

It's interesting to know that we are raised in such a hypocritical society, where everyone expects things to go their way or no way at all. Everybody wants the honor and glory for any feat accomplished, but when it comes to recognizing another success story we bow out of it. We don't embrace and congratulate. To make this world a better place, we need to remember that respect is earned, not free.

No matter how far one excels in life, they do it for pride, honor, glory and respect. Prior to their success story, there was a pity story saying how such an underdog they were. In America, don't we cling to those underdogs and root them for success no matter if we can relate to their situation or not? Not, we only root for them if their success either doesn't affect us at all or we benefit from it. Even if the person's hard work and dedication leads he or she to become the President of the United States of America.

Disrespecting the president. It's amazing how people can do that. Regardless if one agrees with the president's platform and ideas, respect is a must. For nothing else, but just because of the idea that the president is the highest authority in the United States. Barack Obama is our President. Period.

Kids are being taught at schools that the President is one to look at as a role model, not because of his skin color or his beliefs, but because of his authority. We all were taught that coming up. Now as adults, we allow other factors to distort our view of a position and to our children at home, they are confused. The teacher says the President is an honorable man, the parents say he's a poor excuse of a man. Don't allow your views change the fact that the man deserves respect and no matter what you think about him, he is still both yours and my president. If you can't agree with any of his ideas and plans for the country, that is okay, but don't forget that the man is doing what he thinks is best for this country. If you or I were president, we would have people oppose us and dislike us but neither you nor me would want them to berate us because of our ideas. As long as the USA's best interest is at heart I don't think it's fair to spite a person.

There is no one person who will ever make all the people happy all the time, and there never have been. We can't expect anyone to anyway, because we are a growing nation filled with new developments daily. New ideas, differences in opinions and conflict are a must to make America the absolute best nation on Earth. But, you have to be open to both sides of the arguments, understand the other side too. Don't shut it out when nothing is in it for you, because when the table is turned you would want the same support from anybody who could help you.

So, respect our president, our mayor and any other authoritative figures. They need our support in making sure we live the best we can, and who knows maybe one day you will be sitting in their seats expecting the same opposing views, but recognizing the support.