Letter from the Editor: Saints will be the death of me...

Allison B. Hudson

The phrase, kick us when we're down, seems to hit home when speaking about the New Orleans Saints these days.

Just two days ago when us Saints fans thought it couldn't get any worst, the FBI has Saints General Manager, Mickey Loomis under investigation.

The report states that the Saints set up Loomis' booth to listen to opposing coaches.

Loomis and the Saints have called the allegations "1000 percent false," according to an ESPN report. The time frame Loomis is accused of listening to other teams is 2002-2004. If this is true it not only violates the NFL rules but also may violate state and federal rules as well.  The statute of limitations for federal wiretapping crimes is generally five years.

My first initial reaction to this news was heartbreaking, however the next thought that came to my mind was if this is true, why did it take us so long to win a Super Bowl or have a decent season for that matter?

Another thought that popped in my head is, What is next? Will NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell strip us from our Superbowl title? It is already difficult to watch the team you love play every Sunday and some Mondays and they are giving everyone heart palpitations because they are cutting games close and making what seems to be foolish plays, but this madness has to stop!

With all of this news, and the future of our team in the hands of Goodell, things may get worst in upcoming weeks. Now that the FBI has launched an investigation with the Louisiana State Police, we are digging a deeper hole, but I still have a feeling that no matter what is decided, Saints fans will stick together!

Sincerely a die hard Saints fan!