Dear My Current and Future Leaders,

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

Dear My Current and Future Leaders,

With just about six weeks left of teaching you all, I find myself entering into times of reflection. I am in awe of the young men and women you are becoming and the personal and academic development that has transpired from last year to now.  I can honestly say last spring changed my life for the greater. I have not only had the pleasure of educating and challenging some of the brightest minds, I have gained a family.  I cannot emphasize the impact you all have had on me. To me, both the teacher and the students can teach, and there has not been an instance that has not been a learning experience on both ends. You all have taught me things about myself and the world as you see it. I will never forget those lessons, nor you. I hope I have influenced you in a positive way and put one more tool in your already packed, expansive toolbox. Continue to lead, to pay it forward, and be the brightest, most forward thinking individuals this world has seen. The black race and the world so desperately needs people just like you. Do not waste that quality that enables you to be the change this world requires. Although graduation is a ways away, I will not teach any of you again hence my reflection on our seemingly brief time together. I will miss you all immensely. It has been a privilege, an honor, and a growing experience to stand before such budding intellectuals. I without a doubt know that each of you will be successful in any and all future endeavors. I love and genuinely admire each and every one of you.


Ms. Scott