Letter to the Editor: Sen. Troy Brown Should Resign

John Kennedy State Treasurer

Sadly, domestic violence is such a problem in Louisiana that it’s rare for legislators to adjourn a session without addressing it in some fashion. In 2014 alone, six bills were signed into law in order to help domestic violence victims. One of those new laws is named for Gwen Salley, whose husband shot and killed her before turning the gun on himself.

We depend on legislators to write legislation that tackles serious issues and saves precious lives. When the ugliness of domestic violence rears its head in a legislator’s personal life, that legislator has no business representing the public. He’s become the predator, not the protector.

State Senator Troy Brown has been arrested not once, but twice, on domestic violence charges. The fact that he’s allegedly assaulted his wife by biting her and a second woman, described in media reports as his “side friend,” by hitting her in the face is disturbing. The fact that his name is on domestic violence legislation makes a mockery of a serious issue in Louisiana.

It’s time for Senator Brown to resign and address whatever issues are leading him to become part of a cycle of abuse.