LETTER: Youth making progress with West Ascension recreation programs

Special to The Chief

As your leader of West Ascension Sport Programs, it's a new day for our community!

Coach Jerry Butler

Another basketball season is in the record books. Thanks to all participated this year in the program. I'm very pleased to lead you in the right direction.

We are both Donaldsonville born and raised. Our town our future! The best is yet to come... we will keep pushing because accomplishments always show positive attitudes. It may hurt some to witness the greatness of our children... It's not about politics for Coach Jerry Butler or Parish Councilman Alvin "Coach" Thomas, it's about our kids.

If you say you're for the children show me, don't talk about me and what I'm doing, help me show them what to do! Look through me and around me and help our children! OH BUT GOD!

No matter what you say, how you feel, it's a new day and I don't feel no ways tired. We come to far from where we started from. Nobody told us that the road would be easy, but I don't believe he brought us this far to leave us.

So guess what, while you're talking we are praying asking God for leadership during our mission to help our children. It's by the goodness of God that in our city we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either.

So if you want to know just ask and it shall be given, you don't have to look for it, here it is check out our record of accomplishments in recreation in the past three years!

We will only give you ten but much more to be listed:

  1. Record breaking numbers of children in baseball and basketball 45% more children alone. 
  2. A New flag football league first year champions 11-1.
  3. Men and women softball and basketball league.
  4. First year 11 and 12 state championship 2021 record holding 22-0.
  5. A safe, productive basketball league during the COVID-19 season.
  6. Multiple national championship appearances in every age group 7-12.
  7. Regional II biddy basketball champions 8U
  8. National championship runner up 10U
  9. A productive, motivated volunteer coaching staff and parenting membership.
  10. We focus on building champions through athletics and education.

Thank you everyone for your support in all the events we have had this year including invitational and regional tournaments! Especially my coaches, officials, score keepers and most of all the parents.

May God bless and keep each an every one of you! 

- Coach Jerry Butler