Ascension Catholic, Donaldsonville High: battle of ground game

Allison B. Hudson
Donaldsonville High’s Bryant Dunn scores on the opening minute of the game on Friday against their cross-town rival Ascension Catholic.

Tigers' senior running back Bryant Dunn hit on all cylinders and moved down the field for a 76-yard touchdown in the first few minutes of the game, and quarterback Devon Breaux added a 23-yard touchdown run minutes after. Dunn was deemed unstoppable and as a host of Bulldogs tried to bring him down, it simply wasn't good enough.

Breaux threw for 78-yards and two touchdowns, including a 70-yard touchdown run.

With all the hype from the fans' bleachers the Tigers (2-0) showed off their creativity on offense.

After a long battle during the first quarter, the buzzer sounded and the Tigers prevailed early with a 32-0 score.

Ascension Catholic tried to regain their position in the second quarter, but couldn't quite get on their feet.

The Tigers ended the first half of the game at 40-0. As both teams made there way to the locker room for revamping and pep talk, hundreds of fans stood to their feet to cheer both teams on.

Fans enjoyed a brief halftime show by both schools, and the Tigers and Bulldogs met back center field.

Not much changed for Ascension Catholic in the second half, but the Tigers added eight more points to bring the final score to 48-0.

Ascension Catholic's Dominique rushed for 45-yards on 16 attempts, while James LeBeouf rushed for 12 on eight attempts. The Bulldogs rushed for 57 yards on 24 plays and completed two passes on 13 attempts performed by quarterback Charles Caballero.

The Bulldogs put up a good fight and fought to the very end but the Tigers are generating a respectable 300 plus total yards per game and have topped over 350 yards in the last two games so far this season.

Donaldsonville rushed for a total of 386 yards and completed three of six passes. Jamar Landry also added a 13-yard touchdown run for the Tigers.

With the teamwork displayed by Dunn and quarterback Breaux as the centerpiece of a newly mounted offense, the Tigers look promising in the 2A State rankings, clambering to #6.

Both Donaldsonville teams go on the road this Friday. Donaldsonville will take on West St. John, and Ascension Catholic travels to Brusly, both games begin at 7 p.m.

Ascension Catholic’s Myron Dominique brought down by a Tiger in Friday night’s game at Floyd Boutte Memorial Stadium.