Jonesboro Hodge Knocks Tigers out of Playoffs

Diante Phillip

"I can not say what the problem was in the game because I do not know," said Tigers Head Coach Gregory Hill.

Last Friday Jonesboro Hodge High hosted the Donaldsonville Tigers in the quarterfinal round of playoffs. Jonesboro Hodge took an 86-56 victory over Donaldsonville. The game came out to a great start for Donaldsonville. At the end of the first quarter they lost their rhythm and fought hard to get it back.

"The ball just didn't roll our way and sometimes that happens," said Hill.

Devon Breaux lead the Tigers with 15 points. Lorenzo Collins put up 11 points. Kelvon Davis added 10 points. Aikee Turner held eight. Quinton Riley added six along with Darvelle Allen and Jarette Cole having three points each. 

On the other end of the court was Jonesboro Hodge who advanced to the Top 28 semi-finals.

"We worked hard and fought hard to make it here and it feels great," said Jonesboro Head Coach Allen Tew.

Leading Jonesboro was center, Thomas Williams, with 20 points. JaFrederick Bradley put up 13. LaQuinten Calahan, and Kevin Cottonham each added 12 points.

"They were prepared both mentally and physically and were aware of the challenges they were going to face," said Tew.

Jonesboro celebrated their win with the cutting of the net. Players along with their coach had a part in this ceremonial event.

Earlier in the week Donaldsonville advanced past Point Coupee Central at DHS' gym under the mist of a packed crowd to get to this point. The buzzard rang and the scoreboard read 80-70, Tigers prevailing. The Cougars' season ended, however, they didn't go down without a fight.

"We played well," said Tigers Head Coach Gregory Hill, "When the game got rough the referees were not consistent. We had both advantage and disadvantage calls."

Devon Breaux had the game high 34 points for the Tigers. Lorenzo Collins provided 15; Darvelle Allen and Kelvon Davis added nine each. Hats went off to Quinton Riley who put up seven points in the fourth quarter alone.

"Riley played tough and contributed well at the end," said Hill. "That was a breaking point in the game he played great defense and pushed hard."

Dee - Jay Bregg led Point Coupee with 24 points. Following his lead was teammate Darryle Cobb putting 17 points on the scoreboard. Reginald Franklin put up 13 respectively. Marcus Toller, Dondre Bellazin, and Young, had seven points, five points, and four points respectively.

"Their pressure affected us at times in the game as well as our pressure affected them," said Point Coupee's Head Coach Toby St. Cyr. "We're losing a lot of seniors this season but there are many young ones that are coming in."

At the end of it all the last cats standing were the Jonesboro Hodge Tigers who are advancing on to participate in the Top 28 semi - finals at the Cajun Dome in Lafayette.