New season, same principles

Allison B. Hudson

This year the Donaldsonville High School 7th and 8th grade team is really young and has a lot of new faces. Last year was a great year for the program, but this team will need to forge its own identity. The starting lineup for the beginning of the season will be comprised of five 7th graders who can really play the game. It will be interesting to see how they respond to the adversity a season brings. The guys are anxious to display their talents and are picking up on my system very well. I always stress with the guys to use their imaginations and go out and have fun. So far they are responding and practicing with enthusiasm.

Honestly, I think that we have the best team in the parish and we will play as such. We will take the season one game at a time and focus on being champions through our preparation and effort. Fans can expect to see a team that plays very aggressively and with a lot of excitement. They can also expect to watch a team that will not be outworked, out coached, or out hustled.  

Barry A. Whittington Jr,

Head Basketball Coach for 7th and 8th grade