D’ville Youth program holds banquet

Allison B. Hudson

On last Thursday evening, the Donaldsonville Youth sports program held its annual banquet for kids. Followed by food, Donaldsonville High School Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Terrence Williams delivered the address for the occasion.

“Dream, and dream big,” he said. He told kids that everyone has dreams, and having dreams is nothing out of the ordinary, so when you dream, dream big. He used the analogy of a GPS device. He said that a GPS is used to allow people to find directions to a certain point of interest. He stated that coaches and parents serve as a GPS device to these young athletes by leading them on the right path, and if they get off track, the GPS will tell them how to get back on track, just as mentors and coaches will do.

Williams asked all athletes to stand and give themselves and parents and coaches a round of applause because he said without them none of this would be possible.

Awards were given to all teams.