Donaldsonville High Track Coach leads team to Championship

Charlotte Guedry

Coach Profile

Trent Ellis

Former Track coach at Donaldsonville

Masters degree in Education (Sports Management)

How would you explain your coaching philosophy?

"Have fun and enjoy learning the sport you are participating in. Set goals and build upon your successes and failures. Try to be the best you can and strive for the next level.

What are two memories from your career that stick with you the most?

One is being able to help guide three different schools to state championships and the other is helping to guide 95 percent of my athletes to college scholarships via my school or my club team.

What are three pieces of advice you have for staying fit? 

Eat right, get proper rest and make it fun. Change your routine so it won’t get boring.

What are the three greatest challenges in coaching?

Parental involvement is very low compared to when I first started coaching. Student-athletes are not as mentally tough as they used to be and budget constraints make it tougher as a coach.

What is a motto you live by?

Train like you are #2!!!! If you train like you are #1 you wont be for long.

 I enjoyed coaching the student-athletes at Donaldsonville. Unfortunately I was not allowed to continue the work started with the program. Being able to bring the first state championship to the school for the team was a great experience and I expected to be able to try to bring a few more. I would like to thank the kids for buying into the program and I was pleased that they received the results that I promised if they did so. I wish them well and hope they would continue to use the things that I instilled in them. I will continue to monitor them and keep my door open to them whenever they need me. Stay on the path set forth for you and the plans that were discussed to make sure you are prepared to get scholarships.