Scuba Diving in the Atlantic Ocean

Staff reports

Two students (Michael D. and Clarence R.)  from AMIkids Donaldsonville took part in the AMIkids, Inc. Dive Invitational July 18-22, 2011 in Florida City, Fla. 

To prepare for the adventure the students from the AMIkids Donaldsonville took Open Water Scuba Diving classes in May taught by AMIkids, Inc. Chief Executive Officer O.B. Stander, and Assistant to the Chief Helen Sheaves both NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) instructors.

AMIkids Donaldsonville’s Director of Operations Ed Queen travelled with the students via Southwest Airlines to the Florida event.  “Aside from the benefits of traveling to a different state, flying on an airplane, seeing the ocean for the first time and meeting new people; our students return from diving with strengthened leg and arm muscles, improved suppleness in the feet, skilled coordination and concentration, refreshed minds, renewed respiratory systems, and a better view of the meaning of life,” Queen said. 

This scuba diving opportunity was funded by a grant received from Retired Judge Curtis and Mrs. Louise Calloway from Baton Rouge, LA. Judge Calloway became a NAUI Open Water Certified Diver in 2009.  

For more information about the program or to conduct a tour of the program, please call AMIkids Donaldsonville Business Manager Michelle Foster at (225) 474-8820.