Athletic director trains for marathon

Allison B. Hudson

I sat down with Donaldsonville High School Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Terence Williams to discuss his current training for the Louisiana Marathon.

Q: What is the marathon you are training for?

A: I am training for the Louisiana Marathon.  January 20, 2013. Here is the website for those who may be interested.

Q: Why did you decide to participate?

A: I started running and lifting to help motivate and prepare my daughter for college where she will play volleyball at Dillard University in New Orleans.  We work out and run on the weekends and I had to keep up with her. I also run and lift weights with our returning football players.  A Minster spoke at church about running a marathon and that gave me the idea of working and running with a purpose.  In order to complete a marathon my diet and discipline to a training routine are very important.  

Q: How are you preparing for this marathon?

A: I am planning on participating in several 5k's, 10k, and half marathons before the end of the year. I track my progress on

Q: Are you participating in the marathon alone?

A: I am running alone at this time.  Coach Barry Whittington is planning on joining my quest at a later time.

Q: What do you plan to get out of participating in this marathon?

A: The biggest gain I plan to get is a healthy body.  African American men lead the country in heart attacks, diabetes, and strokes.  I have changed my eating habits tremendously.