Former DHS star adjusting at next level

SLU freshman Bianca Harvey looks to make an open pass in the game against Nicholls State last Saturday.

If you want to shine like a diamond, you have to get cut like one. For Donaldsonville native Bianca Harvey, she’s learning that and is making adjustments as she works her way up the depth charts on Southeastern Louisiana University’s women’s basketball team.

Harvey, DHS alum, is in the middle of her freshman season for SLU and is adjusting to playing limited minutes, taking limited shots and a playing a limited role. However, she’s taking that well and said she just is being the player her team needs her to be.

“I’m taking it pretty well because I know when my team needs me I’m out there doing what I have to do,” Harvey said on her limited role. “When I’m not out there I’m just on the bench cheering my team on and being a good energy person off the bench.”

As a player in high school, Harvey never had a limited role. She was the leader. In her senior season, Harvey averaged 21 points, six assists, four steals and two blocked shots per game. For SLU, her numbers aren’t quite that high.

In fact, the most she’s played in a game was 12 minutes on last Saturday in the team’s 71-65 loss to Nicholls state. Harvey contributed well during the game for SLU, but was only able to tally one point on the scorer’s sheet. But, she managed to get a mark in each category: one steal, one assist and two offensive rebounds. With those key stats, she has no worries.

“I just have to work on getting my shot off quicker and having more confidence in the shot,” Harvey said on knocking down more shots, “but other than that just keep doing what I’ve been doing.”

Harvey admitted that it’s a big difference from high school to college because everybody can play in college she said.

“It’s a big adjustment, the game is faster, everybody is stronger,” Harvey said. “When I get in, I just have to do what I’m here to do, knock down shots and play good defense.”

One thing that’s helped get Harvey more comfortable on the court is playing with former East Ascension High star Symone Miller who plays guard for SLU also. Harvey said she and Miller played for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) together for a few years so playing with her is good.

“We’re real good friends,” Harvey said about her relationship with Miller. “The team is one big family.”

Harvey has a lot of potential and is looking to have a bright career ahead for the Lions. Despite playing limited minutes as a freshman, SLU head coach Lori Davis Jones said Harvey is doing fine and the coach recognizes her hard work.

“Bianca (Harvey) is doing everything we ask her to do,” Jones said. “She comes in everyday and works hard, she gets her shots up, she does extra. She’s going to be fine. It’s hard to know when to shoot when you go in there for a minute and come back out because of foul situations or rotations, so she’s going to be fine.”

Jones said she doesn’t think Harvey has been struggling with her shot this season either, despite the fact that Harvey is only shooting 1-14 from the field so far this season.

“Well Bianca hasn’t played a whole lot of minutes for us,” Jones said. “It’s hard to get into a rhythm when you play two minutes at a time.”

Harvey added, “I’m honored to be able to get the chance to play at the next level and hopefully I can continue on after this.”