Tigers baseball drops the ball against Pointe Coupee

DHS pitcher Eddy Crochet pitches against Pointe Coupee Central High School last Thursday.

After leading 7-2 at the top of the fourth inning, the DHS baseball team was sure it earned another win for the season. Well, it was wrong. The Tigers gave up the win to Pointe Coupee Central High School and lost the game 9-7 last Thursday.

"We ran into some fielding problems," DHS Jay Dykes said. "We had an error made in a critical situation that caused some runners to get in scoring position."

Pitcher Eddy Crochet got the start and got off to a good start against PCC, but Dykes said it's a different mentality for a pitcher when he has runners on base as opposed to when he has a clear base. Crochet's pitch count got high and Dykes subbed in Marquise Zeno on the mound in the top of the sixth inning, his second time pitching for the Tigers this season.

"He's (Zeno) still working out some mechanic problems, but for the most part he did better today than before," Dykes said.

With Zeno on the mound, the Tigers conceded the lead and never found their way back on top. In the seventh, he soon had bases loaded and PCC began to steal home and extend its lead on DHS.

As far as batting, the Tigers' momentum fell off as the game went on. After a good second, third and fourth inning at the plate, DHS's batting stalled out. On the positive note, Jeremy Jones connected with a big hit that almost went over the fence that brought three runners in.

"We try to emphasize that we are going to see teams who are going to start their number two or their number three," Dykes said. "When we get in that situation and we get in a position to where we go up on teams, we have to make sure we play solid defense to secure the lead because there will come a time when they put a better pitcher or closer in there."

Dykes said the team played hard and he was glad to see everybody contribute.

He added: "I'm proud of the guys and the way they worked today. I just wish it would've come out a little bit better for us, but we have a long season left to play. They are working hard, playing and we'll see what happens next time."