DHS football to face new district


The 2013 offseason has been filled with new surprises for the DHS Athletic Department. Since the hiring of athletic director and football head coach Benny Guilbeaux, the department not only gets a new face as a leader, but also new faces to line up against in opposition.

After competing in the district 7-3A since 2010, the Tigers now meet new opponents in Berwick, Franklin, Patterson, and E.D. White all of which now make up the district 9-3A.

“I think it’s every two or three years where they do a district realigning. Most of the time it’s kind of based on people complaining,” Guilbeaux said about the realignment.

However with the new district alignment, Guilbeaux isn’t worried about the new opponents the school will go up against, especially in football.

“I believe it’s an advantage for us because no one really knows what we are running on offense,” Guilbeaux said, who will run the offense in his first year as head coach.

“This summer is going to be real important for us. I have a lot of young guys who didn’t get a chance to play last year, but it’s definitely a growing situation.”

Guilbeaux said the new district means nothing because the team is still going to take every game the same and find the team’s weaknesses and try to exploit them.

DHS will play a seven-on-seven spring game on Saturday, May 18 to see what the team is working with in some offensive sets Guilbeaux is implementing. The team has two young quarterbacks, freshman Stephon Sullivan and sophomore Tyler Brown.

Guilbeaux said they are “prototypical quarterbacks,” but it just takes time to develop them.

“And they have numerous targets. So we’ll see what we can do.”

Guilbeaux said through the first few weeks he has been making sure the kids are fundamentally sound before he starts laying down some of the offensive sets. He said the defense would be simple; most of them played and Coach Dykes does a good job with that.

“A lot is going to change on the offense,” Guilbeaux said. “And we have two kickers this year so that’s encouraging.”

Guilbeaux also said there is a nice group of eighth graders who are coming from Lowery Middles School to play in the fall. He’s just waiting to see the ruling on their clearance so he can get those kids over and get them suited out and acclimated to what the team is doing.

“There are some good looking eighth graders, I just don’t want to break any rules before I get them over here,” Guilbeaux said.

DHS will play a spring game on Saturday, May 18 at the DHS practice field located behind the DHS campus. Start time is scheduled for 11 a.m.