Contributed by Chuck Montero

Ascension Catholic graduate Adam Falcon is preparing for the upcoming baseball season by training with Coach Gayle Hatch. Coach Hatch was the head coach of the 2004 Olympic Weightlifting Team in Athens, Greece.

Coach Hatch said, “There have only been two Olympic head coaches that reside in Louisiana, Skip Bertman for baseball in 1996 and me…so it’s a pretty short roll call.” In 2008, Coach Hatch was inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame along with Karl Malone and two or three other great athletes. He said that the new Hall of Fame was just recently completed. Coach Hatch added that with Shaquille O’neal’s induction last year and the Manning brothers out there and plenty of other great athletes, there was a need for the space in the new facility. He said the $25 million facility is probably the best in the nation.

Coach Hatch said what he has enjoyed the most through his career is working with young people. “We take them as young as 12 years of age, people such as Warrick Dunn, for example. I was his only strength coach for the 12 years he played professional football. We use what is known around the country as ‘The Hatch System.’ The Hatch System develops ‘speed strength’ and that’s what is needed if you are an athlete. ” He said football coaches using his system have won seven BCS Championships with a pretty good chance of winning another this year. Coach Hatch works with athletes at Spectrum Fitness on Monterrey Boulevard in Baton Rouge. “We call it the Hatch Dome. Not because it is built like a dome, but because it is Coach Hatch’s domain” he says with a grin.

“As long as they have a good attitude and will come here and work hard, there’s a place for them,” said Coach Hatch. “This young man here, Adam, has a phenomenal attitude. He’s made some really good gains since he’s been here. I think he’s going to make an impact at Nicholls State. When he hits that platform there, it’s not going to take his coach to long to figure out he’s probably been training with Coach Hatch.” He added, “He’s one of the finest baseball pitchers his age that I’ve gotten a hold of in quite a while. I’m looking for a big career out of him.”

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