Flexing muscles


Twenty athletes from the Ascension Catholic Powerlifting Team qualified to compete at the LHSAA State Powerlifting meet on Thursday, March 20 at West Monroe High School in West Monroe.

Overall, the team is ranked no. 2 overall and has four individual lifters who are ranked no. 1 in their respective weight classes.

Head coach Dre Trosclair said his team has an opportunity to win it all and bring home a state title but the team has to go out and perform.

Seniors Luke Albarado and Jeanne Zeringue lead the team as top lifters in their weight classes. Also junior Landon Daigle and sophomore Brandi Landry rank no. 1 to lead the Bulldogs strength team.

“It’s just going to depend on if we have a good day,” Trosclair said.

The team only competed in one meet this season, and that was at Regionals. The meet was a success as all but two lifters qualified for the state meet.

“We had a good experience at Regionals,” Trosclair said. “We definitely learned we didn’t need to start with a heavy opening weight and that we just need to put something on the board and increase from there.”

“We have a good mindset going into this meet,” Trosclair said. “They’re definitely excited to compete.”

The Bulldogs powerlifting team will weigh-in for the state meet on March 19 and the competition will begin on March 20.

The following lifters qualified for the state meet:

Jeanne Zeringue, Rosalie Landry, Tatyana Chiquet, Osharqua Lewis, Kenshell Davis, Brandi Landry, Gabbie Klack, Micahlyn Daigle, Kayla Tripode, Sam Mattingly, Luke Albarado, Hunter Daigle, Dylan Blanchard, D.C. Mattingly, Brennan Milano, Austin Settoon, Ross Ponville, Lee Landry, Landon Daigle, and Cole Amedee.