DHS' Mitchell wins State Powerlifting Individual Title

DHS' senior girls' team powerlifter Paige Mitchell flexes her muscles after winning the Division III 198-pound state championship in West Monroe.

In just its first season ever, the Donaldsonville High School Powerlifting team is able to start an immediate legacy of being the best. Senior lifter on the girls’ team Paige Mitchell competed at the state meet in West Monroe on March 21 and returned to Donaldsonville as the Division III 198-pound weight class state champ. In lifting 315 pounds on the squat and deadlift and 105 pounds on bench press, Mitchell did enough to be named the strongest.

Going into the meet Mitchell knew she needed those numbers to come out at least in the Top 3, however it was enough for it all.

“It feels good because no one thought any of us would have a chance because this was our first year ever even doing this sport,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell was initially concerned she blew her chances at winning the title after scratching on two of the bench lifts and “I thought I wasn’t going to do anything.”

After she did her deadlift, she found out she would at least place. Then she found out she was the champion.

“I didn’t think I could do it,” Mitchell said.

Head Coach Corey Sewell said going into the meet was strictly business.

“We set out for our goals and the kids had a change of attitude – not joking around,” Sewell said. “They supported each other but at the same time each kid knew they were trying to accomplish something special for this school.”

Sewell said Mitchell’s performance was simply awesome, “very awesome.”

He said she set goals for herself every meet and this meet she had to actually reach her goals to win the state championship and not even knowing the state championship was on the line.

“She just wanted to go out and meet her goals,” Sewell said. “It so happened her personal goal was enough for the state title.”

Sewell said Mitchell was at second place so many times in meets earlier in the season, but she always wanted that first place medal and she finally went out and did.

“It’s a testament first of all of the man upstairs but also to hard work,” Sewell said. “You’d be surprised at what you can do if you work hard.”

Sewell added: “It actually gives the kids who didn’t come out motivation, if you come out you can accomplish big things too. Out of the eight that started the season, five went to compete at the state meet, that’s big. That shows what you can do when you set goals for yourself and work hard.”

Mitchell added: “Nobody else made it, so I’m glad I made it and brought the title back. I got a lot accomplished in my senior year. I thank God, my parents, my coaches and my team for their support.”