Latino leads AC baseball past White Castle 10-6

Ascension Catholic senior pitcher D.J. Latino led the Bulldogs to a 10-6 win over White Castle last week at the Lala Regira Field.

The Ascension Catholic High baseball team beat 8-1A district rivals White Castle 10-6 last Thursday, led by senior pitcher Dennis Latino, Jr. Latino pitched six innings and allowed only four runs and five hits, while walking only one and sending eight back to the dugout in strikeouts.

The Bulldogs jumped out early on White Castle at the Lala Regira Field and led the 4-0 through the first three innings. It wasn’t until the fourth inning that White Castle was able to bring in some runs against AC’s defense with some quality hits. The Bulldogs’ offense compensated in the fourth and fifth innings to keep AC ahead on the scoreboard.

Bulldogs’ head coach Todd Landry said the team has seen White Castle’s pitcher now for a few season and said, “he’s a great pitcher.”

“To be able to get the runs we got against him today shows we were batting well,” Landry said. “We made some mistakes here and there but overall I think we played pretty well.”

Landry said Latino controlled the mound well for AC, throwing a few strikes and staying ahead in the count.

“He did a phenomenal job and that’s how you win games,” Landry said.

The Bulldogs manned the plate very well led by Jacob Caballero who recorded two singles, a double and three runs batted in. Senior Grant Montero also recorded two runs batted in off of two hits.

Landry also said the team’s outfielders did a great job despite some injuries, including losing outfielder Patrick Butler, Jr. in the game.

“We have some guys out there who don’t have a whole lot of experience but they did a great job catching those routine balls,” Landry said.