Gone Fishing with the AFA

A young fisherman reels in his catch of the day the Ascension Fair Association’s Let’s Go Fishing event Saturday at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center pond.

The Ascension Fair Association (AFA) hosted a free morning of fishing and fun at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center Pond Saturday, welcoming nearly 50 kids.

The AFA wanted to give kids an opportunity to do something many of them have never done before.

“We realize there are so many kids in the area who don’t have the opportunity to go fishing,” Tony Christy said. “They’ve never fished in their life.”

The AFA provided a free lunch and had other giveaways, including a back pack for school. All the kids had to do was show up with a fishing pole and a chaperone.

Christy said a lot of parents don’t have time to do some of these things with their kids so “we offer our time to them for them to learn and take advantage of the opportunity.”

“It’s fun and looking at the kids get their lines hooked and tied up,” Christy said. “They get a chance to learn how not to do that. We enjoy doing it and watching them have a good time.”

AFA member, Richard Brown, says the event is growing every year and echoed Christy in saying not many kids have this opportunity.

“Ninety percent of these kids have never been fishing in their entire life and that’s what this organization is about, giving back to the community,” Brown said.

AFA member Gloria Burns added, “We appreciate and thank our sponsors, Walmart, Rubicon and sports academy for their support.”