Bulldogs’ hoops start season 5-1

Ascension Catholic senior forward Delmond Landry shoots over a St. Martin’s defender in the team’s home win.

If you bring a new coach in with a new philosophy to a team of guys who have been together for years what kind of result would you expect? At Ascension Catholic, boys’ basketball first year head coach Tyler Turner has proven he can make the two work for the best as the team has gone on a five-game winning streak after losing its season-opener.

The win streak started at home for the Bulldogs, in a 39-29 win against St. Martin’s Episcopal. That marked Turner’s first win ever as a head coach of high school basketball. He said it was a good feeling.

“The kids went out there and played hard and executed for the most part,” Turner said. “We still have to clean up on some stuff and learn how to finish a basketball game but for the most part they did what we wanted them to do, they fought hard the entire time, played great defense and finished around the rim.”

It didn’t take long for Turner and the Bulldogs to get a taste of victory, and once they did they appear to not want to let it go. The games following the win against St. Martin’s, the Bulldogs swept the Grand Isle tournament winning three games straight against: Grande Isle, St. Charles and Crescent City. Then on Monday, the Bulldogs kept biting as they went on the road to Holden and got a blowout win.

In the wins, junior guard Kaleb Winchester has been lighting up the scoring sheet as he has in the previous three seasons, but this year he has gotten major help from seniors Cleveland Fefe, and Delmond Landry. Also, sophomore Kebori Hunter has been adding another dimension and spark to the team with athleticism.

Turner said the team is definitely going to be alright.

“We just have to clean some stuff up defensively and offense has to know what’s a good shot and what’s a bad shot and continue to move the ball on offense and look to trust each other more on offense,” he said. “As we practice and move along I think we’ll be okay.”

“I see nothing but bright future ahead for us.”

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