ACHS boys’ hoops 2-1 in district play

ACHS senior forward Delmond Landry snatches a rebound in a game against St. John earlier this season.

The Ascension Catholic Bulldogs basketball team (14-5, 2-1) dropped their 8-1A district opener at East Iberville, but responded soundly with a home win against St. John to pick up an 82-52 win at home on Jan. 13. The Bulldogs followed that with a road win at Ascension Christian with another route, 69-37.

In the home win against St. John, head coach Tyler Turner said “a win is a win.”

“I’m happy we got the win, but the way we got it, the style – I don’t like how we got it. I think we’re a much better team than we showed tonight,” Turner said. “The kids need to start listening to what we tell them to do because all we’re telling them is fundamental basketball. We’re only doing it to help them out, but sometimes they revert back to the old stuff they learned and it’s not being beneficial to us going forward.”

Despite the frustrations of getting the Bulldogs to play at their full potential, Turner said the team is showing some positive.

“They played in spurts where they showed the things we’ve been working on defensively. But we just have to put it together for four quarters,” Turner said. “We expect to compete with White Castle, West St. John, East Iberville we are going to have to put together four quarters to beat those teams. If not they are going to just blow us out of the water.”

“We just have to keep working.”

The Bulldogs host White Castle on Friday, Jan. 23. Tip off is set for 6 p.m.