Tigers turn Jags


If you look at the Donaldsonville High track and field history books through the last 15 years you’ll see two names that constantly pop up, Teremine White and Jimmy Joseph. Joseph graduated with the DHS class of 2002, while White followed a year later with the class of 2003. However, together they are both known for their track and field success. Even now they duo remains together as the head and assistant coaches for the Southern University Jaguars track and field teams.

White served as an assistant coach for the Jaguars, while Joseph served as an assistant at Southeastern Louisiana University. In the fall of 2014, White was promoted to head coach and soon after, he was calling his childhood friend and former teammate Joseph over to come help him build a program with the Jaguars.

“We’re trying to create a family environment and with that the kids will do what they need to do to be successful,” White said. “I know (Joseph) is a great asset to the program and I know the type of energy he brings in and that’s the guy I wanted to be part of the team and program because he comes with a positive vibe and that’s what we need for our program.”

White was always known for excelling in the throwing events when he was in high school and in college at Southeastern. Since his personal career has ended, he has molded athletes behind him to find similar success in the throwing events. As the head coach, White will continue to teach the throwers, while Joseph will coach the sprinters, jumpers. Together, the Donaldsonville natives will lead the Jaguar program.

White said it’s a great feeling to be able to coach with Joseph. But he never thought he would be a coach.

“My high school coach Bill Jones, who’s over at Dutchtown now, actually told me I would be a coach one day and I was like I have love for the sport but I didn’t think I would be a coach,” White said. “He told me that when I was in the tenth grade and to be in this position now is a great feeling.

White said he and Joseph have the same philosophy and most importantly, “we are trying to do some great things and have a positive influence on some kids’ lives.”

Joseph said he’s looking to bring the positive energy to the Jaguar program. He definitely has it. In his recent coaching career he led the 2013 Donaldsonville High Girls’ Track and Field Team to a State Title. He followed that with a 2014 Indoor Southland Conference Championship with SLU, and a 2014 Southland Conference Championship with SLU.

“I wan to make sure I bring a great support system for coach White,” Joseph said. “Anything that he’ll have me to do, I just want to bring as much of my education toward track and field to the program and help them be successful and assist him in anything he have me to do.”

Joseph said the first thing will start with hard work and “it’s not what you do, but how you do it.”

“A lot of athletes in both conferences [Southland and Southwestern Athletic Conference] are the same they just work a little bit harder,” Joseph said. “Their idea of the SWAC is strong in certain areas, but you have to have a mindset that I want my whole team to be strong and we’re going to win.”

Joseph said he’s excited, he and White are working together and their friendship of over 24 years continue. The two Donaldsonville boys-turned-men have accomplished a lot. But still there’s one more thing to do, according to Joseph.

“We have to win a championship together and that’ll be a blessing,” Joseph said.

Will the Donaldsonville natives be looking back at home for the next upcoming stars? Yes indeed, White replied.

“We want to be local and recruit Donaldsonville athletes,” White said. “We’re pretty much looking for kids who can matriculate through the system as far as, grade-wise and on the track and field, and have a positive image for the university.”

White added: “It’s a great feeling for two guys to come from a small town and to do something of this magnitude of coaching on the collegiate sport. It’s a great feeling and it gives the kids in the community something to look forward to and see I come from Donaldsonville and these two guys are doing it, we can do it too. We can pave the way for people to come behind us and be better than us. We want to do some great things and mold great citizens and leaders in the community.”