Moreau says it’s just time to move on

Longtime LHSAA head football coach, and three-year Ascension Catholic head football coach Doug Moreau retires after 31 years and a career total of 196 wins.

He was just four wins away from a career total of 200. But that didn’t matter to him. Ascension Catholic head football coach for the last three years called it quits after a 31-year career as the headman of high school football programs. In just three years with the Bulldogs. Doug Moreau recorded 21 wins in his reign with Ascension Catholic, appearing in the playoff every year. But now he said it’s time to move on.

“I didn’t want to stand in the way of progress. It takes a lot of energy,” Moreau said in an interview with the Donaldsonville Chief. “I’ve always been very excited about everything and I just find myself short of energy.”

Moreau will end his 43-year career in the education as well, believing now it’s time to go spend time with his seven grandchildren. He said retiring has been on his mind for a while, and added he wanted to do it so the school could have time to find a good replacement for him.

“I figure it’s time to see how the other half of the world is. This has been my life,” he said.

Former Business Director for Ascension Catholic Troy LeBoeuf said Moreau’s retirement is a huge loss for the Bulldogs.

“He’s been a guy that was able to come in and continue what was put in place and grow on it,” LeBoeuf said.

LeBoeuf said Moreau created a good positive outlook for the football program, athletic department and the school as a whole.

“He is a guy with a positive attitude. He taught the kids a lot of life lessons,” LeBoeuf said. “He taught me. I have a few mentors in my life and I consider him to be one of them.”

Moreau got an early start in the football head coaching position and over the years learned it’s all about the relationships with the kids, his coaching staffs and the communities he’s served in. He was 26 when he became head coach for his alma mater, Marksville High School. But after six years he found himself frustrated due to “the lack of desire to win.”

“I would say let’s go win a state championship and they would just laugh at me,” Moreau said.


But then the opportunity came where he could be taken seriously, and eventually that level of support led him to a state title. But his location changed. He took the head coaching position at Winnfield High School, and in 1982 beat then-2A powerhouse John Curtis for the state title in a score of 23-14.

“I was blessed to be in that situation. The whole community was behind us,” Moreau said, who is second on Winnfield’s coaching list for most career wins. “They had been runner-up twice, so by the time we got to the dome that was nothing, it was all about the big trophy. So I was very fortunate to have a great coaching staff, great bunch of kids.”

Not long after, Moreau jumped into the 5A classification at St. Amant High where they would run a 25-game win streak at one point.


But after 13 years of head coaching at St. Amant, the principal – Roger Clouatre – lured Moreau to change his neckwear.

“He told me he wanted me to take the whistle from around my neck and put a tie on,” Moreau said. “I did that and became principal the next year and stayed that for seven years.”

Then he said he got worn out in administration, and that was at the end of 36 years. So he retired. But when coach David Oliver got to be the head coach of St. Amant in 2011, he asked Moreau to be his offensive coordinator – thus his opportunity back into football. And he did that four more years.


But after a number of years away from the head coaching position, Moreau still found himself unsatisfied. His wife suggested he take a job at Cabela’s in Gonzales. He knew that wasn’t what he wanted.

“So I was flipping the pages in the paper, and there was the classified ad for Ascension Catholic head football coach,” Moreau said, who began his tenure with the Bulldogs in 2012.

“This has been a great, great place to end it all. I believe in this school. I believe in the mission of this school. The people are so dedicated and supportive. When I came here there were things that needed to be done and we got them done,” Moreau said.

“I wish that I could stay longer, or wish that I could’ve started sooner because this is a very good place to be,” he said.

During the last three years, Moreau has instilled in the Ascension Catholic program the motto of: God first, team second and self third. He said he wishes he could stay, but he knows he can’t go four more years.

“So I think it’s best somebody come in here and adopt this program and I’ll be the biggest supporter,” Moreau said.

Moreau added, “I can’t say enough of how supportive the community has been. You can’t thank people enough for that. I’m part of the alumni here. I have an Ascension Catholic alumni shirt and I’m going to where that shirt proudly.”