Sullivan’s success rewarded with LSU scholarship

Donaldsonville native Tre Sullivan signed scholarship papers on Monday for his senior season on the LSU Football Team.

Some said he was too small. He wasn’t. Some said he was too slow. He proved that wrong. Some said he wouldn’t make the LSU football team. He did. Some said he wouldn’t play in game. He did. Some said he wouldn’t earn a scholarship. On Monday he did that too. Donaldsonville native and DHS alumni Tre Sullivan hushed the naysayers time after time in pursuit of his own dreams.

On Monday, Sullivan signed a scholarship after being a walk-on for the LSU Tigers football team the previous four years. Now as a senior, he knows his hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“I can’t even describe the feeling,” Sullivan said after signing the scholarship. “It still hasn’t really hit me yet. You want something for so long and you finally get it, it takes you a while to take it all in, but it’s a great feeling to know that all of my hard work didn’t go unnoticed.”

Sullivan who has been a reserve defensive back and special teams player has been through many hard times as a Tiger, including jersey-number changes. However, he never gave up.

“I worked so hard when I got the opportunity and I never gave up,” Sullivan said. “I had many tough days when I felt like it wasn’t going to happen, a lot of teary nights when things didn’t seem to be working but I just kept pushing. You have to really want it.”

Sullivan said a big part of his work ethic is for the whole community of Donaldsonville, not just the young athletes. He said no matter what “you’re doing whether it’s sports, your job, school a relationship or anything; when you want something you have to get it and don’t stop until you get it.”

“You have to keep grinding and keep God first,” Sullivan said. “With God in your corner nobody can hold you back.”

In his years as a Tiger, Sullivan has shown he bleeds purple and gold. He is often seen on the sidelines cheering and high fiving, even he didn’t get to play in the game.

“I’m just born with it,” Sullivan said about his high spirit. “My family always tells me I’m full of love and I have love for everybody.”

“I’ve always been a guy that’s full of emotion, passion and love for the game,” Sullivan said. “I can’t hide it whether I’m in the game, before the game, or practice, I just have it. There’s no way I can hide so I just let it pour out and a lot of my teammates feed off of it. “

Sullivan said God deserves all the glory on what he has accomplished, and added his mom and dad’s support as well. But there’s another person the credit goes to as well.

“My grandmother passed on May 31 and she always told me I could do it and always would call me and tell she was expecting to see me on TV,” Sullivan said. “I wish she was here to see but I know she was still watching.”

Sullivan added, “We have a lot of expectations for the team this year and we have big goals this year.”