Tiger comeback falls short against White Castle

Andrew Green

The White Castle Bulldogs earned their first win of the regular season last Friday night, but they had to clutch it from the jaws of the Donaldsoville Tigers after a late rally.

The Bulldogs bit first in the contest and went up 8-0 with eight minutes remaining in the first quarter, but Donaldsonville would nip at their heels for the majority of the game.

By the end of the first quarter, WCHS was up 8-6 over the Tigers, and the Bulldogs were driving towards the end zone.

WCHS opened the second quarter with another quick score and a two-point conversion to go up 16-12.

The Tigers responded quickly to close the gap to 12-16 before the half.

Donaldsonville was nearing to score again to take the lead at the half, but a timely interception from a Bulldog defender gave WCHS the momentum heading into the locker room.

WCHS started the second half with possession of the ball and took advantage of it. They scored again with a two-point conversion and went up 24-12 with just over nine minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Donaldsonville appeared to come apart at the seams as Bulldog Othello Baptiste forced a Tiger fumble and returned it for a 70-yard score to bring the WCHS lead to 32-12.

By the end of the third quarter, WCHS was up 40-24 after yet another score from senior Bulldog running back Dontrell Taylor and a couple of comeback drives from Donaldsonville.

WCHS had trouble finding the end zone throughout the fourth quarter, but their defense kept the Bulldogs’ heads above water.

Donaldsonville scored another touchdown with five minutes left in the game to close the WCHS lead 32-40.

After another timely Tiger turnover, the Bulldogs gained possession with about two minutes remaining.

They failed to convert on third down and decided to run out the few seconds of time left by taking the safety.

Donaldsonville was closing in on the 40-34 deficit with five seconds to play.

Tiger quarterback Tyler Brown used the final five seconds to heave one towards the end zone, but it fell short, and WCHS came away with the narrow victory.

Taylor totaled 207 rushing yards, two touchdowns and two two-point conversions on 28 total carries.

Marlon Lewis totaled 74 yards and a two-point conversion on 13 carries. Lewis also scored on a receiving touchdown from quarterback Jeremy Richard, who had two touchdown passes in the matchup.

The loss dropped Donaldsonville to 0-3.

They'll be looking to turn things around this Friday night as they play their first game in the challenging District 3-6A.

The Tigers will host 2-1 Brusly in the league opener.